It’s time for the community to fight back. There are many ways that you can be involved in the effort to free our families and neighborhoods from the grip of Meth.

Our Youth

Not Even Once
Meth is extremely addicting. Don’t even try it once.

Be a Friend
Help somebody you know who struggles with Meth or other drugs to face up to their problem and to get help. Love them enough to share what's on your mind.

Lead By Example
You have the opportunity to lead by example. Say, “No” and be known as one who has the courage to make the right decisions when it comes to using Meth.


Get Involved In Your Kid’s Lives
Young recovering Meth addicts say their choices would have been different if their parents were more active in their lives. They encourage you to get to know your kids' friends and where it is that they hang out. Don’t make the mistake of “trusting” your kids to the point where you’re not there when they need you the most. Be active. Be inquisitive. Be involved.

The Community

Contribute Financially
We need your generous donations in order to help sustain and expand this campaign. Join other businesses, foundations and individuals who have pitched in to make a difference in the lives of our young people. Contact us at or call us at (775) 853-8333 for more information.

Support Law Enforcement
Our police, sheriff and DEA departments are working around the clock to fight the war against Meth. You can do your part by reporting suspected crime to Secret Witness at 775-322-4900. You will remain anonymous, and may earn a cash reward if your tip results in a conviction. Do your part to clear the streets and schools from the devastation caused by Meth.