Crystal Darkness is a 30-minute gripping documentary underscoring the frightening truth about Meth’s devastating attack on our youth and their families.

The program is targeted for youth and their parents, but the message extends with conviction to an entire community and throughout our nation. If you are not yet aware of the seriousness of the Meth problem in our neighborhoods, then the images and stories shared in this film will prove to be both shocking and scary.

Some have depicted Meth as an epidemic and fear it threatens the very fabric of our society. Those who know Meth addiction themselves or within their circle of family and friends have experienced nothing short of personal tragedy.

The story is told through the powerful testimonies of young people who have gone through the dark and lonely depths of Meth addiction. With heart wrenching and raw honesty, they speak to their generation with an unforgettable message of warning.

Join them as they courageously share the unimaginable gloom and sadness caused by their Meth use as they point with hope to a better choice and a new life--a drug-free life.

And now, the documentary is available in a newly produced Spanish version. The title is “Oscuridad Cristal” and features 25 new interviews and focuses on the impact of this drug on the Hispanic community.

Produced by Global Studio, the documentaries are available for sale online. If you’re interested in learning more about how the Crystal Darkness documentary can impact your city, e-mail us at or call us at (775) 853-8333 for more information.

The documentaries feature the original music of All Day Drive and Steve Lemaire. They have been very generous in helping to support this campaign. You can learn more about these musicians by visiting their websites.

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