All Oklahomans, including churches, schools, civic groups and law enforcement can have an active investment in this historic methamphetamine awareness project.  Crystal Darkness Oklahoma, co-chaired by Oklahoma First Lady Kim Henry, begins with the airing of the half-hour documentary on all Oklahoma television stations, as well as radio and internet media.  The documentary will feature testimonials graphically articulating the devastating impact meth has had on families and communities across the state. The air-date is tentatively set for Tuesday January 13, 2009.
In the meantime, ways to help with the project include organizing community watch parties, panel discussions and other events at your schools, churches and community centers the night of the televised Crystal Darkness Oklahoma documentary, as well as donating money and/or time to the project. If you are interested in helping in any way, please fill out our contact form at and one of our organizers will contact you with more information.
Oklahomans can also spread the word to school boards and administrators, civic clubs and churches, retail stores owners and managers within your community to report suspicious activities, or schedule free meth awareness educational/training programs in your town.
For Oklahomans needing help, substance abuse assistance resources are also available at
More information about the web site, toll-free numbers, donation information and the Crystal Darkness Oklahoma documentary will be forthcoming as the campaign moves forward.