On Wednesday, January 7th, 2009 the broadcasters of Colorado are teaming together to air a Telly and Emmy Award winning documentary called Childhelp Crystal Darkness aimed at fighting back against the scourge of crystal methamphetamine. Nearly every broadcaster in the state will be participating and they will be pre-empting all programming to air this in unison. It's an unprecedented event in the history of the state.

Thanks to the generous donated participation by local broadcasters, the program airs at 6:30 p.m. on nearly every TV station in Colorado! Several radio stations will be airing an audio version at the same time. There is also a Spanish version of the documentary that will air on Spanish TV stations at 5:30 p.m. that same day.

It’s VERY important that you make this the top priority for you and your family to watch this historic program. Invite neighbors and friends to watch it with you. Meth is a drug that is tearing apart families and communities and your children are being targeted. It’s time for Colorado to fight back!

The documentary was filmed in Colorado at the end of October and features interviews with Governor Bill Ritter and the First Lady Jeannie Ritter as well as Attorney General John Suthers, and dozens of community leaders, law enforcement officials, recovery specialists and local recovering meth addicts.

During the airing of the program, a call center will be set up with local recovery experts with about 80 phones lines ready to answer the calls for information and help. People will be able to call in on the 211 phone number to get assistance.

We need your help to make this once-in-a-lifetime event a success. Here's what you can do:

1. Make sure all of your friends and family watch this program.

2. Consider helping to contribute to the fundraising efforts of the local committee. We are still raising the final funds to pay for the hard costs of this program. Any donation will be greatly appreciated. Contact Childhelp Crystal Darkness Fundraising Chair John Giroux at 970-203-0284 or by e-mail at jg@familymtgco.com.

3. Encourage your church and other congregations to get involved by promoting the program during services.

4. Make sure youth leaders, PTA groups, coaches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and any others that work with youth know about this to make sure our kids watch this program.

5. Call your local TV stations and thank them for this generous donation. In these difficult economic times, this is a huge gift to the state by the Colorado Broadcasters Association.

The program promises to one of the largest grassroots efforts in Colorado’s history. The local effort is being chaired by Jade Thomas, Program Manager for the Colorado Drug Alliance for Drug Endangered Children and has dozens of state, county, city and local non-profits involved.

The campaign was first initiated in Nevada and subsequent campaigns occurred with great success in Oregon, San Diego, Sacramento, New Mexico, El Paso, Ciudad Juarez (MX), Sonora (MX) and Arizona. There are now several dozen cities and states throughout the nation and beyond in various stages of developing their campaigns. Oklahoma airs its Childhelp Crystal Darkness campaign on January 13th. The program is international in scope with campaigns spreading throughout Mexico. Interest has also been initiated in the Philippines, Germany, Latvia, Nigeria, Kenya & Liberia.

Don't miss this historic program. This is Colorado's chance to unite against the meth epidemic that is attacking our kids and destroying our communities.

Together we can fight back!