Elements of the Crystal Darkness Campaign

Crystal Darkness – The Documentary

A riveting 30-minute film to be broadcast on all local
stations as part of a roadblock.

Crystal Darkness – Spanish Version
A Spanish version of the Crystal Darkness to be aired on
Spanish speaking stations.

Television Promos
A customized set of :30 Second TV spots to promote the programs
airing in both English and Spanish.

Radio Spots
Customized :60 second radio spots promoting the airing of
Crystal Darkness in both English and Spanish.

Poster Flyer
Flyers promoting the air date, sponsors and participating stations
available for distribution through schools, the community and newspapers.

Newspaper Ads
Ads promoting Crystal Darkness, scaled to proper sizing.

Anti-Meth Posters
Posters available for distribution in the schools.

Video Billboard Animation
A 10-second animation compatible with large marquee video signs.

Crystal Darkness – The Campaign Blueprint
A 10 minute video documenting the success of the campaign to be
used for recruiting partners and funding sources.

Music Video
A 4 minute Music Video featuring the “Meth Song” available for
airing on all stations.

A Crystal Darkness website with sections customized to feature
local resources.

PR Kit
Public Relations support to all media outlets to help publicize the event.

PSA Campaign
A series of :30 Second TV spots to be used as a follow-up PSA
Campaign to the documentary’s airing.


On January 9th, 2007, the community of Northern Nevada fought back against Crystal Meth. In a historic and unprecedented event, a 30-minute documentary titled Crystal Darkness aired in a roadblock, which meant it was broadcast simultaneously on almost all stations in the area.

The Crystal Darkness Campaign was a unique collaboration between the local media, schools, law enforcement, recovery specialists, faith organizations and the business community. It was spearheaded by Secret Witness a local non-profit crime stopping organization, and created and managed by Global Studio, a multimedia production and promotion firm.

Because of the publicity leading up to the airing of Crystal Darkness, it is believed by many to have been the most watched program in Northern Nevada history.

The results of the historic airing will be realized for years to come and the campaign is just the beginning. However, the initial response was dramatic. One of the most significant positive effects of the campaign was that it brought the community together in the fight against Meth and now we are now completely mobilized to fight back to protect our youth and neighborhoods against this terrible drug.

Since the broadcast, Global Studio has been contacted by cities and states throughout the nation and is offering to assist other communities in hosting their own Crystal Darkness Campaign. On May 30th, 2007 Las Vegas launched their campaign and once again, the documentary ended up being the most watched program in that city’s history. In Las Vegas we also premiered the airing of a new Spanish version of Crystal Darkness and it was met with great enthusiasm.

Subsequent campaigns occurred with great success in Oregon, San Diego, Sacramento, New Mexico, El Paso, Ciudad Juarez and Arizona. There are now several dozen cities and states throughout the nation and beyond lining up for their events.

We have developed a blueprint that we feel can work in any city in the nation and it is extremely cost effective and very powerful. It has revolutionized the way that community education concerning this drug is delivered.

If you are interested in getting more information about hosting a Crystal Darkness Campaign in your city, state or nation, please contact us today at info@crystaldarkness.com
or 775-853-8333.